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Expert Kitchen Remodeling for Your Dream Kitchen

Revitalize Your Home with Expert Kitchen Remodeling

Embarking on a kitchen remodel is a thrilling journey to revitalize the heart of your home. At Avalon Studio Design Builder, we understand that the kitchen is more than just a space for cooking; it’s where memories are made, and life is shared. Our home remodeling experts specialize in custom kitchen remodeling that seamlessly blends functionality with personal style. Whether it’s a minor update or a complete kitchen remodel, we are dedicated to bringing your dream kitchen to life. We believe each home has a unique story, and through expert kitchen remodeling, we aim to enhance your home’s character. Let’s collaborate to make your home’s kitchen remodel a stunning reality

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Renovations:
Turning Visions into Reality

At Avalon Studio Design Builder, we specialize in transforming your kitchen visions into exquisite realities that resonate with your individual style and functional needs. Each kitchen renovation project is a journey of creativity, weaving together your design ideas with our expertise to craft spaces that blend beauty and practicality. Whether you’re dreaming of a modern, sleek approach or a timeless, classic kitchen, we’ve got the project design experience to bring your ideas elegantly to life. Let’s embark on this project together, sculpting your dream kitchen into a reality that you’ll love and enjoy for years to come

Design Innovation:
Bring Your Dream Kitchen to Life

At Avalon Studio Design Builder, we understand that your home is your sanctuary, and the heart of it is often the kitchen. It’s where design innovation meets functionality, creating a space that is uniquely yours. Our kitchen remodel services are driven by this philosophy. With a keen eye for detail, we follow your ideas, weaving them into the fabric of your home, ensuring every renovation reflects your vision. We use innovation to bring your dream kitchen to life, following trends without compromising personal style. Let us follow your lead, transforming concepts into tangible, breathtaking realities. So, when you’re ready for that kitchen remodel, trust us to be the guide that turns ideas into the cornerstone of your home.

Concrete Decisions:
Elevating Kitchen Design with Solid Surfaces

At Avalon Studio Design Builder, our kitchen design philosophy integrates concrete decisions and premier concrete surfaces, ensuring your kitchen remodel transcends traditional aesthetics. Our solid surfaces are meticulously chosen to elevate kitchen design through both function and form. With a reputation for excellence in construction, we provide bespoke solutions that revitalize the heart of your home. Transformative kitchen renovations are our forte, bringing your unique visions into reality with seamless decisions that shape the future of your space. Our design innovation is the cornerstone of every successful kitchen remodel project we undertake. Choose Avalon Studio Design Builder for top-tier countertops and surfaces that redefine elegance, culminating in a dream kitchen that’s both inviting and impressive.

Transform Your Space: Kitchen Remodel Services Tailored for You

At Avalon Studio Design Builder, we understand that to truly transform your space, personalized kitchen remodel services are essential. Our expertise in construction blends with innovative design to turn your kitchen into a culinary haven. Situated in Long Beach, our services are renowned for their attention to detail and dedication to perfection. Whether it’s revamping cabinets or installing elegant solid surfaces, our tailored approach ensures your kitchen is uniquely yours. By choosing Avalon Studio Design Builder, you’re not just renovating; you’re rejuvenating the heart of your home with services that embody your vision, crafted to suit your lifestyle impeccably

Custom Kitchen Cabinets:
The Cornerstone of Kitchen Remodels

At Avalon Studio Design Builder, we recognize that custom kitchen cabinets are the cornerstone of kitchen remodels. Our dedication to exceptional kitchen design ensures that every cabinetry project isn’t just about storage; it’s a pivotal aspect of your home’s aesthetic and functionality. With each tailor-made solution, our kitchen remodeling services integrate your personal style into the heart of your kitchen. We manage projects with precision, from conception to completion, ensuring that your kitchen remodeling endeavor transcends ordinary design. Whether it’s crafting bespoke cabinets to maximize space or infusing innovative kitchen remodel ideas, our team at Avalon Studio Design Builder is committed to delivering a kitchen that exudes both elegance and practicality for your remodels.

Maximizing Kitchen Functionality with
Professional Remodeling

Embarking on a kitchen remodel isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about maximizing functionality to enhance your culinary experience. At Avalon Studio Design Builder, our professional remodeling services are dedicated to fine-tuning the heart of your home. With kitchen functionality at the core of our services, we ensure that every square inch of space is optimized. Whether it’s installing custom kitchen cabinets that cater to your storage needs or selecting solid surfaces that bolster the resilience and beauty of your countertops, our expert team is committed to remodeling your kitchen into a model of efficiency. Trust Avalon Studio Design Builder’s remodeling services to transform your kitchen into a harmonious blend of form and function, making your dream kitchen a reality.

Selecting Appliances and Fixtures:
Enhancing the Kitchen's Heart

Embarking on your kitchen remodel with Avalon Studio Design Builders, you’ll find that selecting appliances and fixtures is pivotal in enhancing your kitchen’s heart. We understand that functionality is key; therefore, our expert team helps you navigate these crucial choices during your project. Each kitchen remodel we undertake is tailored uniquely to reflect your lifestyle, integrating design innovation seamlessly with construction. When it’s time to transform your space, our remodeling services ensure you have access to the finest selections. Don’t hesitate to contact us for comprehensive guidance on choosing appliances and fixtures that will revitalize your home with elegance and efficiency. For a remarkable kitchen, the devil’s in the details—and Avalon Studio Design Builder is your trusted partner.

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What Our Customer Say?
Noah Mark
Noah Mark
Moran and the whole team at Avalon Studio are amazing. The work that they did was complex and in the end, the final result was beautiful. My family and I are so happy with both the exterior and interior, down to the final details. They were easy to contact and coordinate with throughout the entire process and handled each step with a personal touch.
Rachel Poleshuk Leon
Rachel Poleshuk Leon
The best decision and well worth work on my new bathroom and shower and back yard. For many months I’ve been interviewing contractors for a bathroom upgrade and some back yard projects. Morgan and his team were the most trustworthy and reliable. From the first conversation and walk through I saw how detailed he was, and how he suggested to help me meet my goals to have a fabulous bathroom on a budget. Once we agreed on the scope, his team showed up as planned and worked fast and clean with constant supervision and coordination with me. The job took less than a week (3-days to have a fully functional bathroom) without delays and problems. I am happy with the result and will definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs an upgrade and wants to do it with an amazing team on a budget. I appreciate the support and consistency while working at my house. The team left the space clean and neat every day, and the materials they used were excellent what I expected it to be for a prestigious bathroom.
Judy Cobin
Judy Cobin
Eddie designed two full baths and one powder room for us.  The master shower photo is attached.  It is beautiful.  We enjoyed working with Mordecai as well.  He kept us up to date on scheduling and kept everything moving.  Everyone was very professional.
Nir Shitrit
Nir Shitrit
Morgan did the amazing job in my house, remodeling my entire kitchen and the bathroom and the tiles and especially the master bedroom that look very stunning and amazing. Great job highly recommended.
Good team! The work was professional and clean. They were personal and with good courtesy. I will continue to call them back each time work is needed on my home
Jennifer Arevalos
Jennifer Arevalos
We are currently under construction with the Avalon Studio. Maron and Eddie have been very responsive and committed to meeting all our expectations for our home renovation. They have done a great job thus far! I would highly recommend them.
Sakara Seng
Sakara Seng
I did a master bath remodel with Moran and Eddie. We tore down a closet to expand the master bath, did a walk-in, curbless shower with shower ledge, pony wall, recessed medicine cabinet, moved plumbing and electrical. Moran was readily available, professional, communicated the work schedule, accommodating. Eddie was super helpful with design, dimensions, material choices. I would work with them again!
Make A Change LLC
Make A Change LLC
We reached out to Avalon Studios for some quotes on our residential home remodeling of our kitchen. After a friendly conversation with the front desk, we were immediately impressed and knew this was the Crew we were going to work with. It was a stress free environment while the workers were at our property. The owners showed up and kept us in the loop. We had a very quick turn around on completion. The price was excellent, but most importantly the work was outstanding! We strongly recommend this company.
Drew Triplett
Drew Triplett
Loved working with them. Seriously, they were fantastic. Very responsive, always super helpful and everything was high quality. Additionally, pretty much everything was done on time and on schedule for good value. For anything else I need with our home, my first call will be to Eddie. Even if it’s advice on something they don’t do, I’m still calling them because I trust them that much. A++++ all around.
Marcus Mend
Marcus Mend
Excellent work! They did my extension and kitchen, I highly recommend them.
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Frequently Ask Questions You Should Know
How long does a kitchen remodel take?

Timelines depend on the scope. A simple upgrade may take a few weeks, while a comprehensive renovation can extend to several months.

Is it possible to remodel a kitchen on a budget?

Yes, careful planning, DIY efforts, and cost-effective material choices can make a significant impact without overspending.

Do I need to hire a professional for a kitchen remodel?

It depends on the complexity of the project. While DIY is possible for minor upgrades, professional guidance ensures quality for major renovations.

Open shelving, smart appliances, sustainable materials, and neutral color palettes are trending. However, timeless designs with quality materials are always in style.

How can I maximize storage in my kitchen?

Optimize cabinet space with pull-out shelves, utilize vertical space, and consider innovative storage solutions like pull-out pantries and hidden cabinets.